Mastery To Wholeness


Video and Audio Chapters

Part of our practice at Shanti Heart is meditation – these audios and videos are available for you to build into your personal practice. 

Chakra Raiz
12 Mayo 2020

The owners of Shanti Heart, Gloria & Carlos Ruiz are truly amazing people. They enjoy sharing consciousness and Yoga and it shows in their studio! I was blessed to practice with them in Houston.

Now in Clearwater, their vision has expanded and they are putting their love into Shanti Heart Yoga & Wellness. It is apparent they are committed to the growth of each individual that comes to the studio. They are dedicated to supporting their community both on and off the mat.

They have an eye for detail and they keep the studio pristine. Gloria teaches with her heart and she teaches classes that range from fun vinyasa classes (her classes flow seamlessly) to deeply healing Yoga therapy classes. Carlos teaches from a unique perspective of both wisdom and heart. He really enjoys challenging his students.

Both Gloria & Carlos are compassionate and extremely knowledgeable teachers and they are committed to YOUR highest good from the minute you walk in the door!

Thank you Gloria & Carlos!

You have been a blessing to me and to all your students.”

– Tamber

We are happy to share our programs being scheduled for spring 2019. We look forward to supporting your growth and Self-Knowledge – Namaste from Your Shanti Heart Family

  • Mastery to Conscious Communication and Conscious Choices- Self management certificate
  • Mastery of Relationships and Wellbeing – Unity Conscious certificate
  • Mastery of Living by Choice- Higher consciousness and Purpose certificate
  • Mastery of Balance, a blissful Self – Spiritual journey Certificate
  • Yes to me now program! And the 21 days Yogi Lifestyle challenge Live with Intention Certificates

100 Hour Yogi Lifestyle Program

We never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, we must build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. Become skillful in experiencing the flow, cultivating stillness within, feeling strong & healthy. Discover and enjoy a life of wholeness! Program Structure
  • 4 Intensive days of Yoga Philosophy and application
  • Yoga Practice – Studio and Home practice. Unlimited practice at Shanti Heart for the duration of the program.
  • Two hour discussion every two weeks dedicated to exploring practices and application
  • You will have access to the 100 Soulful Push Ups Blog
  • Feeding Thy Self – habits that move you to wholeness
  • Breathwork and Meditation practices and techniques
  • Pantry Review
  • Cooking skills
  • Grocery store
  • Habits of Eating
  • Eating Routine – Ayurveda System is the knowledge of life
  • Mental Habits
  • Relationships – creating healthy boundaries with thyself and others
  • Mind Body relationship – log and support physiology of our sophisticated system.
You will receive a certificate for completion of the 100-hour mindfulness program from Shanti Heart. At any time in the future, if you desire to become a Yoga Instructor, you can apply these 100 hours toward your certification with us. Remaining hours in YTT would be 80 hours of Methodology, Anatomy, Physiology, teaching skills and community teaching experience. And, and additional 20 hours of self-study and community service. It would be our honor and joy to support you sharing your path with others with the skills required. Cost is $1300 for the three-month program – begin in January 2019. $1450 if you choose a payment plan.

“Gloria Ruiz and family are very special folks. They don’t “do” yoga they live yoga.
I had a life changing experience with them at their Houston yoga studio. Join them on whatever ride they invite you.”

– Abby

“Gloria is not only one of my favorite yoga instructors, she is one of my favorite people. There are people that move through your life that touch your heart and she is one of them. She has a sincere love for other’s, and joy that comes through each of her classes that is tempered with a quirky sense of humor and an understanding of what our minds and bodies are capable of. I believe that anyone that wants to grow in their practice on and off the matt would greatly benefit from Gloria’s classes.”

– Letricia

“I am currently participating in the weekday YTT program at Shanti Heart with Gloria and what a wonderful program it is! Gloria’s energy is magnetic and she emanates love and authenticity. To me, she epitomizes a true yogi and is an amazing teacher and mentor. Her knowledge seems endless and she has a way of making abstract concepts easy to understand with her personal stories. Like another reviewer said, I knew Gloria was special from the moment I met her. Her teaching style is to honor every human where they are and she has the utmost respect and tenderness for each of her students. Shanti Heart is a beautiful place…cozy and peaceful and Gloria treats us like family. Every day of training opens new doors inside my body, mind and heart. I am learning so much and enjoying myself tremendously in the process. Above all, I am so grateful to Gloria for leading me on this path.”

– Christina Natoli

“I was fortunate to do my teacher training at Shanti Heart with Gloria and Carlos. It was life changing for me. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful experience. Gloria and Carlos are passionate about their yoga; and they teach with that same passion. I was able to teach as soon as I completed my training, and continue to feel supported and loved by them.”

– Sarah Sclafani

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